At Beetle & Bee, we love a challenge.  We will work with you to fully understand your business and get to grips with the challenges and potential. Leveraging our experience and imagination, we then plan and deliver marketing solutions collaboratively and holistically, ensuring every element of every project integrates with your strategy and elevates your brand.  It is our business to ensure you get what your business needs, on time and on budget.


With commercial acumen aplenty and years of experience at the coal face to draw on, overlaid with an ingrained understanding of market mechanics and consumer behaviour, Beetle & Bee can help you identify a strategy that is deliverable and realistic.

Understanding where your business is in the context of the market you operate in, and where you can take it inevitably takes time, energy and a considerable amount of research and analysis. When you are in the thick of day-to-day operational matters, it can sometimes be hard to formulate an entirely objective view; everyday trials and tribulations can exert an overly optimistic or pessimistic influence which may result in disappointment or underachievement when it comes to realising the potential of your business.

Working collaboratively with your team, we look under all the stones, objectively asking pertinent and searching questions to identify the strengths and weakness of your business, and assess the opportunities and threats of the external stage, in the context of maximising the value of your business. We will help you identify measurable objectives and realistic milestones that are the roadmap for success.



Every interaction with your brand contributes to people’s perception of what your business is about and what it stands for. At Beetle & Bee, we are passionate about working with you to extrapolate every potential touch point, calibrating each aspect to ensure it accurately and consistently represents who you are.

We also believe that, to build loyalty, every step of the journey should deliver something positive to an individual. If delivered to your brand standards, every touchpoint will contribute to a customer’s happiness.

Happy customers are loyal customers. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful tool in the whole marketing kit; social media amplifies this exponentially. A golden opportunity – but conversely an ever-present threat. It is more critical than ever before that your customers experience a consistent brand at all times, and that you have a strategy in place to transform a negative experience into a positive feeling, simply by responding in a way that befits your brand.

At Beetle & Bee we work with your team to identify all the touch points and calibrate them appropriately. We will also facilitate workshops and training sessions to ensure every member of the team becomes the living embodiment of your brand.



We have a wealth of experience in scoping, planning and delivering multi-media integrated campaigns encompassing brand and tactical activity, direct mail, search, magazines, sponsorship and events – and a whole host of activity in between, casting a net to draw the right sort of people in.

We also can help manage your data and arrange fulfilment. We take a creative, agile and pragmatic approach, ensuring the end justifies the means. We believe in a process of continual improvement, measuring the results and analysing them to glean insight, sharing the learnings and using them to review and optimise.


Your brand is so much more than your company name, logo and a set of fonts. It is the DNA of your business, the double helix at its core that determines its very essence, its personality, its values, its dreams and ambitions.

A strong brand is a consistent brand. Every touch point – visual, verbal, operational – should reinforce the brand values; how it looks and feels, the language it uses, the tone of voice, the way it engages with customers and behaves towards competitors; the standards it operates to, the ethics that it follows.

Beetle & Bee can help you identify the values that your organisation holds at its core and help ensure they are integrated into every aspect of your business so customers can infer what your brand strands for from everything they see, hear and experience.



Everyone likes a good story. And everyone has a story – it’s what makes us who we are. Sharing your story is what draws others to engage with you. It’s the same with businesses and brands – only sometimes they don’t know what it is, or how to tell it.

At Beetle & Bee, we believe passionately that people engage more with a business if they can connect with it on an emotional level as well as a rational basis. It’s not just informing them about the product or service you sell, important though that is. It’s about sharing what has made your business what it is, what you stand for, what you believe in, the insight you have gleaned, the internal and external observations you make and how these relate to and benefit your customers. This is your ongoing story and it needs to be told. We are lucky today that we can communicate in so many different ways, leveraging the traditional, digital and social media channels we have at our disposal; a tweet here, an article there, a video clip on your website, a magazine to send to your customers; it is all about drawing them in and making them want to be part of your story.

Beetle & Bee will work with you and your team to unearth the nuggets which lurk within your organisation and shape them into unique, engaging, compelling content that is optimised for the plethora of channels available, creating a multi-layered communications platform that that will reach your target audience and broadcast your story in the most captivating way possible.

And there is no end to your story; if you stop telling it, people may soon forget. Through training and workshops, Beetle & Bee will help ensure that your team is equipped with the skills to spot those little nuggets that deserve to be shared, and how best to share them.



We work in collaboration with you and your team, challenging and refining the brief and staying in close contact throughout the planning and delivery process to ensure the output is exactly what you wanted. We pride ourselves on delivering within budget and on time.