When it comes making an impact, it’s all about identifying who you want to reach and communicating with them in a way that resonates with them as individuals, through the words, images and experiences you offer. At Beetle & Bee, we recognise the importance of engaging the sub-conscious as well as the conscious. We believe consistency is everything. Every customer touch point, no matter how seemingly trivial, contributes to the overall perception of your brand and business. The devil really is in the detail. And the delivery.


With commercial acumen aplenty and years of experience at the coal face to draw on, overlaid with an ingrained understanding of market mechanics and consumer behaviour, Beetle & Bee can help you identify a strategy that is deliverable and realistic.

Your brand is so much more than your company name, logo and a set of fonts. It is the DNA of your business, the double helix at its core that determines its very essence, its personality, its values, its dreams and ambitions.

Every interaction with your brand contributes to people’s perception of what your business is about and what it stands for. At Beetle & Bee, we are passionate about working with you to extrapolate every potential touch point, calibrating each aspect to ensure it accurately and consistently represents who you are.

Everyone likes a good story. And everyone has a story – it’s what makes us who we are. Sharing your story is what draws others to engage with you. It’s the same with businesses and brands – only sometimes they don’t know what it is, or how to tell it.

We have a wealth of experience in scoping, planning and delivering multi-media integrated campaigns encompassing brand and tactical activity, direct mail, search, magazines, sponsorship and events – and a whole host of activity in between, casting a net to draw the right sort of people in.

We work in collaboration with you and your team, challenging and refining the brief and staying in close contact throughout the planning and delivery process to ensure the output is exactly what you wanted. And we pride ourselves on delivering within budget and on time.


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“In an increasingly competitive environment Annabel has found innovative ways of bringing our brand to market, always looking for the latest trends and optimising our marketing strategies at every opportunity. Her contribution to the business has been enormous, her passion for the brand is unrivalled and the energy she has put in to the business has been outstanding.”

Kerry Golds, Managing Director, Abercrombie & Kent Ltd